Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Snow Day!

Usually at this time of year, I'm over the snow fall in town... if it snows in the mountains- great!  But I'm usually over the snow in town.

This year is different.  Apart from a dusting back in early November, we haven't had a drop of snow.  The skiing is crap, and "I'm dreaming of a White Christmas..." well I'm actually dreaming of a white snow hill, since Christmas has already come and gone with not even a drop (sad).

This morning the sunset was bright red as I drove my husband to work, and I told him my mom's old saying from her days living on a ship... "Red skies at night, sailor's delight.  Red skies in the morning, sailor's take warning."

Bikers in Boise just don't seem to mind.
And now as I look out the window the snow if finally falling:

Let's hope this keeps up all day and we can go skiing next weekend!  I'm dying to hit the slopes.  I've been told the Pray for Snow Parties here in Boise are turning into riots with all the lack of that fluffy white stuff (wink). Our poor local mountain, Bogus Basin hasn't even been able to open its doors yet, and people are starting to lose their jobs because of it.

Let's just hope it snows and snows and snows!  Cross your fingers!

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  1. I too await snowfall. Everything is quieter when there is snow here in the Blue Ridges although I will say hysteria increases as well. You are cherished!