Friday, January 6, 2012

Decisions, decisions...

These days, as I'm sure you can imagine if you read some of my previous posts , the conversation at our house tends to focus around one thing:  children.  Do we adopt?  Do we find a surrogate?  Do we wait and see how my health improves (I can tell you already that this is my least favorite... I'm craving a baby!)?  No matter what we do its a huge life changing decision.

To help further facilitate the decision making process and in an attempt to be as open with each other (and ourselves) as possible. David and I have decided to individually create a list of pros and cons for each possible decision, and then in just over one week (specifically, Saturday, January 14th) we will discuss our lists over dinner, and officially make our decision on which plan we will pursue.
There are a lot of variables and potential problems in each scenario, not to mention costs, but with each option comes a plethora of different wonderful rewards as well.  We figure this time of individual contemplation gives us a chance to really flush out our thoughts, feelings, and desires, before making the final decision together.  There will be a lot of soul searching and prayer involved in our decision, and I am certain we will make the right one for our family, together.
I'm actually very excited about this... Did I already tell you, we're starting a family together!?!!

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