Wednesday, September 28, 2011


This abandoned and run done old church in my neighborhood- which until now has been a huge eye-sore for the community is being transformed into community building center for The Arts for children.


TrICA was founded by this incredible guy Jon Swarthout, whom I've had the privilege to meet during one of the performances the kids put on every Saturday during the summer at the Market and he leads the classes teaching kids respect through fun activities like break dancing class and rock n'z roll lessons.  The performances are always a smash hit because the kids get really into it and you can see and feel their enthusiasm!  Jon brings that out in these kids.  Plus the kids L-O-V-E the programs! And doesn't the building just ooze cool now?!  I wish they had classes for adults too?  Can I be a kid again?!

Since I'm already asking for money for CCFA this week... it can't hurt to hit all of you generous people up for TrICA as well.  They have a lot of work to do to get the building up to code so they can open their doors and they are short about $600,000.00.  Every little bit helps!  I encourage everyone to participate... I know once David and I have kids we'll be signing them up as soon as they're old enough!  Check them out online

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