Tuesday, September 20, 2011

BCS or just BS? A college football dilemma...

I'm not sure how many of you out there follow college football, but after having been with my husband for over four years now, I've truly come to appreciate the sport.  What I don't appreciate is the Bowl Championship Series.  I think its bull$hit.

I think it is representative of the current state of our country's political system- corrupt.  Point in fact, http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2011/football/ncaa/09/20/sugar-bowl-tax-violation.ap/index.html?sct=cf_t2_a3.

Why is it that every other sport can have a playoff, but not college football... oh wait, its not all college football, its just Division 1-A college football (Football Bowl Sub-Division).  Apparently, the 1-AA schools (Football Championship Sub-Division) have a playoff... and the 1-A schools just get to have their winners picked by the polls... not the actual game.

What If Everything Worked Like BCS: The Spelling Bee from sanjeev tandle on Vimeo.

Now I grew up cheering for the Wisconsin Badgers... who I must say are kicking a$$ this year, and I went to NYU- which lets face it, doesn't really have an athletic program.  But now I live in Boise, and I did a year of graduate school at Boise State... so I've definitely become a fan.  That said, even if I thought BSU was crap, and I was cheering against them with all my might, I can still see the merits of a playoff, as its the only truly fair way to determine a winner of the national title.

Thankfully one organization is going after the BCS, its a group called Playoff PAC and quite frankly, I heart them.  I love that they are standing up against an antiquated system that is based on solely on subjective points of view and really nothing more.  The BCS is an organization who has basically laundered money through the colleges that participate in their programs.

Many ask, why don't the schools just choose to not participate?  The answer is simple... they can't do that to the players.  The school that chooses to back out of the bowl series would not get good players, and their programs would fall apart.  Being that college athletics are the number one fundraiser for colleges, this is not an option for most if not all schools.  It's a huge catch-22.  They're damned if they do, and damned if they don't.

Now, I'm sure my husband is going to have a thing or two to say about what I've written... and I'm sure one or two of my loyal readers will as well, but either way... it's time for the corruption to end.  (Now for my shameless plug)  Support Playoff PAC in their efforts to end (at least blatant) corruption in college football.

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