Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Nerd Alert!

I'm sure how many of you know this about me, but I'm a science fiction nerd.  I love the idea of space travel and then final frontier... its so endless.  The most recent Star Trek was AMAZING, however, my favorite is a little less know series called Firefly which was canceled after one season, but the fans were so upset that they producers made a movie called Serenity to follow-up the series.  Our first year in Boise together David and I dressed up as Mal and Inara, but only one other sci-fi nerd know who we were.

I'm also a huge fan of Contact, which spoke to me on both a scientific and spiritual level... which is why I also loved Angels and Demons... the book more than the movie of course, but the theories postulated were really exciting to me.

Which brings me back to the real reason I decided to confess my nerdiness... have you heard the news???  It appears physicists at the famous CERN Institute in Switzerland have officially broken the intergalactic speed limit... they've broken the speed of light.   Which also means Einstein wasn't as smart as everyone has believed him to be I guess... just kidding... he's still a smarty... but some of his theories just no longer check out.  The physics world is turned on its head!  But more importantly, do you know what this means for space travel?!  It's so exciting!!! Avatar here I come!

Check out the articles below for more (scientific) details.  But for now... "To infinity and beyond!"

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