Friday, October 21, 2011

24 Hours with Steve

Our neighbors are friends with this wonderful woman named Staycee who fosters puppies.  She always has a litter that needs a home.  In her most recent litter some of the puppies looked so much like our Linus that Dick and Jennifer had to call us to come see.  That's where we found the most adorable baby ever.  David picked him up and the little guy snuggled right up into the crevasse of David's neck and it was all over... we both melted!

Could you resist this face?!

I begged David to let us keep him, but the best I could do was get him for 24hrs.  So... Stacy generously let us bring him home for the night.  In the car on the way home, I thought and thought of ways I could get David to want to keep him... let's give him a name!  I said, "How about we call him Magnus?"  David hated it.  David said, "Let's call him Chilli, because he's so Chill."  I hated it.  Then David said, "Why don't we call him Steve."  It's so un-dog-like I loved it.  So it stuck.  His name would be Steve.

Linus, being the little prince that he's become, did NOT like the newcomer.  And he especially did NOT like the attention we were giving Steve.  He's used to being an only child, and a spoiled only child at that.  He did a lot of pouting during those 24hrs.  but in the end, I think he started to like the little guy.

When bedtime we were having so much fun cuddling with Steve that we decided to try out letting him sleep on the bed with us.  Unfortunately, little guy had a pretty bad case of kennel cough, and he couldn't quite get comfortable.  So, I decided to put him in the kennel they lent us for the night.  He cried.  David couldn't stand it, so I brought him back into the bed with us.  But that didn't work either and David got up and went and slept in the guest room for the night.  Poor David!

Steve and I went right to sleep... well, maybe not right to sleep, but we did okay.  The next day David and I did our best to get Linus used to Steve.  We played.  Rested.  Played.  Rested.  Then David had the idea to go play tennis.  We decided it was safer to take the puppy with us.  We didn't get much tennis in, but it was a fun experience anyway... he was so cute strutting around the tennis court, we couldn't stop laughing.  When we got home Steve was pretty tired... he crawled under a table and feel asleep... we just laughed... he's exactly like Linus was at that age.


7 pm came way too fast for me, and soon enough we got a call from the neighbors that it was time to hand Steve back over the fence.  David and I gave him hugs and kisses.  I started crying... I'd fallen in love with that little pup.  David and the neighbors joked that I need to get myself a real baby!  Ah!  Wouldn't that be nice... I guess that's something David and I will have to work on.  The stork can't come soon enough for me!
Friends in the end!

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