Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Simple Summer Fun

Saturday evening, David and I took a wonderful sunset hike in the foothills behind our house.  We haven't been going up that way lately due to the ridiculous leash patrol (I refuse to get a ticket for letting my very well mannered, obedient, and in-control dog get some off leash exercise.)  But Saturday David said he had something to show me, so up the hill we went.

It was a beautiful night.  It had cooled off just enough by the time we went out that it was perfect hiking weather.  The sunset was magnificent, and just as we reached the peak I realized what David wanted to show me... Movies in the park.

We were in foothills looking down on Camel's Back park, where the Idaho Special Olympics was hosting a fundraiser- open to the public with a suggested donation.  They had a huge movie screen and were playing on of the best action films of all time: "Raiders of the Lost Arc."

We decide to stay and watch (If only I'd had my camera in hand sooner!  I had to run home to get it).  It was AWESOME!  People everywhere on blankets and in camping chairs... kids running around excitedly... lovers canoodling... dogs laying at the feet of their people... the smell of grass and popcorn in the air.  I wish they hosted it every week!  Plus... what a fun way to raise money for a great organization?!

Sunday, we decided to take another hike, this time to the Rock Gardens just below Table Rock.  I think we left too early... it was still outrageously hot and dusty and we forgot to bring water.  Poor Linus with his fur coat was hiding under every shadow he could find... and we didn't get to see the sunset.

That said... it was still a beautiful hike!  We sat on some rocks and enjoyed the view.  It was lovely, and all in all two spectacular days taking advantage of the unique and fun (and free) things to do in Boise.

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