Monday, August 22, 2011

MacBook Woe

I am a Mac computer snob.  Have been since I bought my MacBook Pro in 2007.  I simply love the way it works, its so intuitive.  Since I made the purchase in February 2007, I've had a few minor problems, but nothing serious... that is until last week.  It started freezing, and some of the programs quit working.  Very frustrating.  Especially in this world of instant deadlines.

I immediately took it into the MacLife Store to get it fixed.  They told me it was a hard drive problem, and I would need to spend $200+ to get it fixed.  I begrudgingly forked over my money and had the darn thing repaired.  Later that day I got it home, all excited to play with the freshly running engine, and about a half hour into it, it FROZE again.  Serious bummer.  I was pretty upset.  I immediately took it back into MacLife.

David picked it up for me at the end of the day Thursday and it started humming for me.  Yay!  It works!    I got right to work on my projects/deadlines for work.  Unfortunately it wasn't very long lived.  It worked fine for about 12 hours (most of which it was not in use) and then it froze again.  This time I was more than pretty upset.  I had a deadline for work, and a computer that kept bugging out on me.  I called the guy and nicely explained that I needed it to actually work after I paid them to fix it.  The guy said to bring it back into the shop, so I did, and its still there.

It wouldn't be such a bummer, but I actually do have work to finish and all of it on my computer.  What would the world do without computers?  I'm really not sure we could function.  The last guy I spoke with told me the repair could be upwards of $400 if it is what he thinks it is.  CHOKE!  Combined with the $200+ I just dropped, it might be more sensible for me to just buy a new computer!  I'm a little freaked and anxious right now.  I love my Mac.  I love that I can work on my personal Mac computer at my job.  But $600+ on repairs for a 4.5 year old computer seems a bit excessive and not a very smart investment.

What to do?  What to do?


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  1. Been there and I left! I am not a Mac but a PC and the world operates on computers. It will be, by the way, how the world ends, in my view. For the price you're paying Macworld you could buy another on eBay or wherever but I wouldn't get attached to this laptop. It is a tool and nothing else and like a cellphone which I currently don't have and each day fail more and more to see the need for is nonetheless essential to modern living and I like you with misfortune will have to suck it up. Curious that Mac won't tell you what's wrong with it or replace it. I hope you have nothing harder to deal with all year my darling.