Sunday, August 14, 2011

Eduardo Placer in "Cabaret!"

This has been a busy weekend much to our enjoyment.  I couldn't believe, but we stayed up past 1am two nights in a row!  I am only 32 and sans kids, so I shouldn't be so impressed with myself, but, honestly, I am.  I'd started to forget what a 2nd wind felt like, and once mine kicked in...  it was such fun!

On Friday evening, David and I headed out to the far east side of Boise to take in the Idaho Shakespeare Festival's production of Cabaret!  It was amazing!

The star of the show is none other than our dear friend, Eduardo Placer.  I may be biased, but I don't think so in this particular case... because he simply lights up the stage.  Its a fact, when ever he came on stage, there was a little extra shimmer!  It's one of those shows I could see again and again, because it truly was spectacular.  I highly recommend seeing it if you have the chance... although there are only a few shows left for the season, and they are selling out fast.  The company is then taking the show back to their "sister" theater company in Cleveland- The Great Lakes Theater Company in September, so if you miss it here, catch it there.  It's well worth the trip.

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The Kit Kat Girls were also spot on with their flirty, sexy, fun nature, and together with Eduardo, they really made the story sparkle.  The female lead, Jodi Dominick who plays Sally Bowles was also very talented, and we felt she really came into her voice in the second act when she sang the title song "Cabaret."  She can really belt it!  I wish I had such a voice.  The male opposite her, Neil Brookshire, who plays Clifford Bradshaw, has a sweetness about him that is purely fun to watch, and which he's brought to some of his other characters as well during his time with the company.  When we saw him in Two Gentlemen of Verona we were equally captivated by his sincerity.

After the show, David and I waited for Eddy to get through his throng of worshippers- a woman, a complete stranger no less, actually cried on his shoulder because she thought he was so amazing in the show... I mean, come on... awesome, right?!  We just stood there proudly watching him.  I admit I get a kick out of being with him when people come up to tell him how amazing he is... and people always come up and tell him how amazing he is.

After that, David, Eddy and I all went downtown for some late night grub at the restaurant El Matador.  None of us are drinking alcohol right now- taking a break, so we got the quietest table available and chatted until after 1am about everything under the sun.  Eduardo- Eddy is one of those special people who is not only interesting to talk to because he's smart, but he is also usually the life of the party, so he tends to add an energy to things that wouldn't othewise be there.

Both David and I just adore him, and his friendship adds to our life in so many ways.  And you know, we actually met him in a Bikram Yoga class.  He and David were chatting after class, and then when I came out of the dressing room David introduced me, and Eddy and I didn't stop chatting, (with David trying to get a word in from time to time- what can I say, I talk a lot!) for like an hour in the parking lot after the class.  We've all been friends ever since.

Oh- and as usual, someone came up to our table at El Matador and asked to get their picture taken with Eduardo.  We just smiled... and Eddy is so incredibly gracious and sincere, it makes his talent and fame all the more fun to watch.

Bottom line:  Eduardo is fabulous, and go see the show.

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