Saturday, April 23, 2011

Spring Cleaning

As I blogged before, David and I are desperately trying to get our house organized, our yard landscaped, and our vegetable garden planted.  However, David's knee is still not totally healed so its hard to get our big projects finished by myself, but I'm working at it as best I can.

Today we did get one big job finished together this weekend: Organizing the Shed.

We got the cob webs and hornets nests down, swept, and then we put up peg board and organized all of our tools.  I have to say, it looks incredible, see:

These pictures really don't do it justice...

Next weekend we have a huge amount of crap to take to the city dump.  Some of it you can see stacked next to the shed.  I can't wait to get it out of here!  It feels amazing to get things cleaned up.

I wish the grass would grow faster though:

That orange fence is to keep the dog off of it.  It looks so red-neck, but Linus isn't going near it.  I've seeded and mulched and waters and aerated... It actually looked good when we moved here, so I know it grows.  Frustrating!  Any ideas?

xox -A

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