Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Sensational Rocket Ride

I've wanted to start blogging for a while now, but I haven't quite figured out how to start without having a baby or doing something particularly special or political or... you get the point.  I just want to write and see where this thing goes from here, so that's what I'm going to do and this blog is going to be a bit of everything.

I've been researching how other bloggers have begun their blogs, and most of them state what the blog is going to be about.  Check.  I also felt the need to give my first blog post a fancy, eye-catching yet meaningful title... only to have my eye caught by a poster hanging in my living room.

I felt that this title particularly captured the essence of what my life is all about.

I grew up in the Heartland in a small town outside of Madison, Wisconsin called Lodi.  It's a blink and you miss it kind of town that will always have a special place in my heart.  I've been nomad from an early age however- I had a hard time feeling like I really fit in anywhere, except when I was exploring the new and the different.  Even as a child my parents had a difficult time keeping me in one place for very long.  I've lived all over -from New York and Boston to LA and a few places in-between, and yet somehow I ended up in Boise, ID in October 2004 to visit friends, with no intention to stay... and here I am.  Is this my forever place?  I'm not sure, but it definitely suits me for now.

In 2005 I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis, which if you aren't aware is an Irritable Bowel Disease. It's even less sexy than it sounds, and it has definitely altered my life in more ways than I could possibly imagine.  My pride and modesty were out the window first thing.  May you never go though the horrors of UC or Crohn's.  I pray everyday that someone finds a cure and I can go back to living my life without always knowing exactly where the nearest bathroom is at all times.  Sometimes I feel like this resembles my life:

Last summer I was luckily enough to marry my best friend - a wonderful, handsome, intelligent and patient guy named David.  We live in a sweet little house at the base of the Boise foothills with our more than quirky dog Linus.  We love hiking and biking and skiing, and we have it all within minutes from our home.  It's awesome.  Most Idahoans don't want outsiders to find out how great it is here, but David and I are both outsiders, and we think it'd be great to get some new blood in town.

David is a software engineer, and about to begin a hugely successful career at Hewlett Packard.  He is so brilliant!  I am really proud of him.  I'm now working in Public Relations with Tracy Consulting and I really love it.  Especially after my strange and mostly uncomfortable turn in Politics.

Speaking of politics, even thinking about politics makes my stomach turn at this point.  From it, I learned was that the Republicans and the Democrats are both completely full of $h!t.  No one is getting anything done in government and they are spending our hard earned money doing it.  Republicans want to push their "moral agenda" and control your bedroom/body and Democrats want to control your pocketbook and everyone in office is a little bit crooked because they all want to stay in office for as long as possible so they can keep the lifetime pensions which half of them are trying to take away from all the other public employees and the other have are trying to tax us more.  It's lose-lose for the people they represent.  It's all about greed and power... on the hard earned backs of the American people.

I could go on, but instead I'll climb down off my soap box...  especially because many of you reading this may not agree, and I don't want to offend.  Sorry   :)

Anyway- now that I'm out of that part of my life, I feel like I'm finally getting my groove back.  We've re-arranged a few things in the house and I've finally gotten a chance to organize my office/project room.  I've now got the space to work on my projects, so I'm hoping to be finishing lots of them in the weeks to come.  It's all good.

There's lots of things happening in our lives this year so I hope you stay tuned!

xox -A

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