Thursday, February 9, 2012

Stella Margartia Hayworth Manchester

On Tuesday, February 7th, 2012 we celebrated my dog Stella's 10th birthday.  Well, my mom and my niece Kitty celebrated it... complete with a ice cream birthday cake and candles... I just celebrated it over the phone.  I'm without Skype these days and its killing me!  Forgive the delayed blog post, its not as easy to get them put together in a timely manner these day

Stella lives with my mom because a few years ago I was working on a political campaign and traveling a lot.  I thought it would be easier if Stella stayed with my parents for a while during all the travel, rather than being shuffled from one friend's house or kennel to the next.  Unfortunately, I also knew that it meant that my mom would undoubtedly fall in love with my sweet girl, and I'd never get her back.

The day I said goodbye to her I cried like a baby.  I will never forget driving away from my friend's house and leaving her whimpering in that kennel that would take her from Idaho to Wisconsin.  Until that day she had gone everywhere with me... including two cross country drives.  She slept at the foot of my bed and literally went everywhere I went, even if she had to wait in the car... she was my darling doggie angel.  I'm crying just thinking about how much I miss her. 

In the spring when the campaign was over, I went back to Wisconsin to collect my Stella, but as expected, my mom said, "Too bad."  And the thing was, Stella was really happy at my parents place, and my mom adored her, so the idea of taking her back to Boise with me seemed almost cruel.  My mom really needed her and loved her, and as she had come into my life at a time when I needed her, she was in my mom's life at a time when my mom needed her... she was truly our angel.  Although, I still tell everyone my mom dog-napped my dog when asked. 

 My niece Kitty thinks Stella is her dog now, and she drags poor Stella all around the house on her leash.  She really hangs on her, but Stella isn't phased... she just licks her with love.  I think Stella secretly loves all the attention.  And though I miss her every day, it warms my heart to see her so loved and cherished... Happy Birthday sweet Stella girl!  

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