Friday, February 24, 2012

60 in 60

So with spring and summer quickly approaching, I decided to get my lazy butt back in shape, and I've signed up for an insane challenge (doctor approved) to make it happen.  Have you ever tried Bikram YogaBikram Choudhury is the founder of this particular style of yoga which is taught in a room heated from 100 — 105 degrees.  It is comprised of a series of 26 yoga stretching postures and breathing exercises taught in a 90 minute class. Each pose is a challenge based on one's personal abilities. The postures are done in the safe environment of a heated room so that deep penetration can relieve one's body resistance without risking injury, and you sweat out impurities and toxins that can cause pain and sickness.
I've taken 3 classes as of last night, and I'm heading to my 4th one this afternoon.  I have to admit, that although the class is difficult, I'm really enjoying the results.  I'm sleeping better.  I'm more aware of the water I drink, and I'm being careful to hydrate more often.  My stomach isn't as bloated and I haven't had as many Ulcerative Colitis related cramps.  My skin, on both my face and my body, looks amazing.  I'm more flexible, sitting and standing straighter, and I can feel my back and arms getting stronger and more toned. And best of all, I'm fitting into some clothes I haven't fit in for a while.  That's it-- I'm officially addicted... 
My personal goal was originally to take 30 classes in 30 days, but when I got to class, I realized the studio's formal challenge was 60 classes in 60 days.  If I get to my personal goal of 30 in 30, I will feel really accomplished.  However, if I get there and can keep going for the full 60 in 60 challenge, I'm definitely going to try!  The studio even gives you a little track sheet to follow and put stickers on... I love that kind of stuff... it's kind of similar to my addiction to list making.  Something about it makes me feel more accomplished.  I already know that I'm going to have to do some two-a-days classes to accomplish either goal because I've got prior commitments on a few days, so we'll see how that goes... but I'm bound and determined to do this... so it will be done.  
David and two friends, Bob Rice and Andrea Evans have decided to run The Race to Robie Creek on April 21st.  It's touted as the toughest, steepest half-marathon in the in the Pacific Northwest.  
I did it once myself, and ended up getting a blister around mile 3 that was so bad it took off about 10+ layers of skin and I could hardly walk.  I ended up making it to the first-aid stand where they bandaged me up and I kept going... mostly walking, but I ran the down hill because it didn't put pressure on the blister.  When I got close to the end, some friends were waiting with shots of Tequila which I didn't refuse, but also certainly didn't get a great time... in fact it was lousy, but at least I didn't finish last!  

Unlike me, David is going to do really well in the race... he's got a racer's heart and focus, and even with his bunk knee (he had to have his ACL re-placed and micro-fracture surgery on one of his knees last March), I just know he's going to be an animal training for the race, and he'll finish at the top of the pack.  It's just his way.  And he also says he is going to come with me to a few yoga classes to assist in his training, which I think will give him an edge.  I think the best part of all of this crazy training going on in our house right is not just about our fitness levels, but we'll both be accomplishing our individual challenges on the same day (if I can do the 60 in 60 that is)... Alone but together.  I love it!  

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  1. I have recently discovered that I like yoga!! I am going to attend more classes and do it at home. I am excited about getting healthier and stronger too!!