Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My new favorite TV Obsession: Once Upon a Time

Has anyone seen the new ABC show Once Upon a Time?  I LOVE it! 

Besides having a great cast including Ginnifer Goodwin of Big Love fame, Jennifer Morrison of House, and Robert Carlyle from one of the best British comedies ever; The Full Monty (among a host of others,) the story is, well, enchanting.

It's about this town in Maine called Storybrooke where all the fairy tale characters are trapped in our world because of a curse.  Oh, and they don't know that they are fairy tale characters... that is most of them don't know.

It's cute, clever, and much deeper and more intriguing than I'm making it sound.  Check out the Wiki description and the Imdb description... or better yet, check out an episode on Hulu.com.

This year must be the year of the Fairy Tale, because NBC also came out with Grimm... which is the darker side of Fairy Tales.  It's like the SUV version of fairy tales.  Its good.  I prefer Once Upon a Time because every episode leaves you wanting more.

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