Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Champagne Holiday

David and I love Champagne/Sparkling Wine so much that we created our own holiday in its honor.  It's called the Champagne Holiday and it begins the weekend before Thanksgiving and ends on January 1st.  We honor Champagne by drinking it whenever possible at all social occasions and whenever it won't effect our work, driving, or health.  We also make a lot of toasts while we are drinking to add to the humor and festivities.

I usually go to Costco and purchase a few of the $6 magnum size bottles of Cook's Brut.  Some people don't like cheap stuff, but David and I do.  It's like having a soda.  Plus its a great mixer for mimosas and such.  Although, I'll admit, if I have an opportunity to get the good stuff, I'm the first in line for a glass.  There's really nothing like good Champagne!

How funny is this old advertisement I found?
Anyway, please join us in celebrating this year's most fabulous holiday beginning on Friday, November 18th at 6pm by buying a bottle of bubbly and raising a glass in a toast or two... It sure is a fun thing to do!

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