Saturday, July 30, 2011

Too Hot to Trot

Today it is so hot outside, my eyeballs are sweating.  If it were decent to walk around naked in public, today is a day that both David and I would be pretending to be Adam and Eve.  And I'm not talking in a kinky way either, just plain old fashion comfort.  It's so hot that clothing feels restrictive.

But our hunger got the best of us, and our Costco run isn't until tomorrow so our cupboards are pretty bare, so we decided to brave the weather.  We rode our bikes down town to get some lunch.  Luckily it is basically down hill the whole way.  It's not a steep hill, in fact its such a small grade, most people hardly notice it unless your on a bike.  Its just enough to make it easier going into town.  Unluckily that meant the ride home was harder and hotter and after eating delicious, but hot Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup, I thought I was going to have heat stroke when I wasn't in the shade of the trees.

When we got home, poor Linus with his permanent wool coat ran straight into the house and sprawled on the basement floor.  This is especially unusual behavior for him... its usually hard to get him to come into the house.  All I could think was my friend from New Jersey saying, "Ya know its hot when...!"

Now we are all complete vegetables... cooked vegetables at that!  Maybe time for an ice cold shower to snap me back into action... how do you beat the heat?  I'm open to suggestions!

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