Tuesday, July 26, 2011

These Days

these days i'm reading more and computing less.
these days i wonder exactly what will come to pass and when.
these days i am looking forward to re-launching and designing again (something i love!)
these days i'm trying to enjoy downtime more.
these days i'm missing my family.
these days i'm loving riding my bike to and from work.
these days i'm trying to find me again, and not the person i've suddenly noticed in the mirror.
these days i'm trying to be more spontaneous.
these days i have really been digging the blogs a cup of joholding the world in a paper cup, & marta writes.
these days i'm missing the incredible summer storms in wisconsin.
these days i miss my friends there too!
these days i'm completely horrible at responding to emails. (sorry!)
these days black board shorts, a headband, and a loose tee are my go-to.
these days i can't quit scratching my sunburned legs or my husband's itchy back.
these days i need to take the time to finally get a manicure and pedicure.
these days i am so thankful for an awesome, supportive family and friends.
these days i am so happy for hot sunny weather.
these days i'm still staying up too late reading beside my hubby.
these days i'm glad he is such fun to be around.
these days i'm stoked about my library card - free is good.
these days i'm dreaming about the addition we want to put on our house.
these days i'm having fun planning a trip to spain next spring.
these days i'm trying to get into focus. 
these days i've decided to start playing tourist in my town to shake things up a bit.
these days i have a case of serious baby fever.
these days the nomad in me wants to pick up and move someplace new.
these days the settled part of me dreams about a home and family in boise.
these days i am so in love with my handsome husband.
these days i am feeding off of your nice feedback. (Gracias!)

ps. these days i must give credit where credit is due... this blog post idea was copied from the blogger marta writes, and i made it my own. 

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