Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Skyping with Kitty

One of my favorite things to do in the whole world is chat with my niece Kaitlin (I call her Kitty) on Skype.  I'm sure if we lived close enough to her, my favorite thing would be to play with her in person, but alas, no dice.  They live on the LEast coast and we live on the Best- I mean West coast. ;)

Anyway, I thought I'd start a new feature called "Skyping with Kitty," but after starting it, I don't think other people (except maybe my mom, my brother Morgan, and his wife Deb) would find it half as entertaining as I do so... I figured I'd just dedicate one blog post to "Skyping with Kitty."

When Kitty calls me on Skype I hear her little pip squeak voice say "Hi Auntie Bel!"  "Hi!" "Hi Bel!"  "Hi Auntie Bel!" until I acknowledge her.  Then she usually doesn't have much to say to me.  Today was different.  

Today, Kitty showed me her toes- painted pink- and her new doll who she has named "Baby Doodle."  She named her this because my mom calls Kitty her "Doodle Bug".  She also has a doll named "Baby Cindy" and a doll named "Dolly".  She certainly loves her babies!

Then Kitty and I read the book, "Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No-Good, Very Bad Day" while she ate her lemon yogurt and snuggled in her Gee-ma's bed.  She LOVES this book.  Gee-ma is my mom who lives with my brother and his wife and takes care of Kitty while they are at work. She also cooks them dinner most nights and babysits whenever they want to go out.  Pretty nice set-up, huh?!  Anyway, like I said, Kitty loves that book, and she parrots me every time I say "...very bad day."  It's possibly the cutest thing ever... that is until I heard her say "Thank you" (unprompted) when I finished reading to her.

Kitty always insists we play with my dog Linus for a while.  Kitty is fascinated with him because one of his tricks is to bark on command.  Kitty likes to tell him to speak...  

It went something like this: 
Auntie Bel: "Sit Linus. Okay Kitty..."
Kitty: "Speak, Yinus".  
Linus barks.  Kitty laughs.  
Kitty: "Speak, speak Yinus!" 
Linus barks again and gets excited Kitty Laughs harder.  

She would have done this all day if Linus had stayed put.  

My first dog that I ever own on my own is Stela and now she lives with my mom, which means she lives with Kitty.  And Kitty thinks Stela is her dog.  I adore that dog more than I can say, she's my dog-soul-mate if there ever was one.  But my mom needs her because she's such an awesome friend, so she stays with mom... and now I guess that means she is Kitty's dog.  Anyway, I always ask Kitty, "Where's MY Stel-Stel?"  Kitty gets very serious with a concerned look on her face and she says "No, MY Stel-Stel. You Yinus."

Kitty always goes to get Stela to show her to me and she likes to put her arms around Stela's neck and give her loves.  Poor Stela!  Although she is quite loved by the little miss, sometimes Kitty gets a bit aggressive and in her affections... She says "Oooh!  Stel-Stel's soooo cute!" And hugs her harder until Stela is looking up at the adults in the room and begging to be released.  But Stela is ever so patient with Kitty and allows her to drag her around and love on her.

Arwen, my brother's dog, does not put up with Kitty even touching her for too long without growling.  Kitty thinks this is funny and she will actually do things to the dog to produce a growl like stomp on her tail.  Poor Arwen!

My mom and I started chatting briefly before said good-bye, and Kitty doesn't like to be ignored when we talk so she's always popping in front of the screen and saying, "Auntie Bel, look...".  When mom and I were finished chatting, I said, "Let me say good-bye to Kitty."  She heard this, perked right up, and ran over to Gee-ma and told her that she had to say good-bye to me.  "Let me talk."  She gets really animated and makes these big kiss smacking noises.  It all melts my heart.

Morgan certainly set a high standard for adorable, polite and sweet children... when its my turn, I've got a lot of work to to do!

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