Friday, September 14, 2012

The Incredible Incredible

I have to write and tell you all about my truly incredible HTC Incredible smart phone.

I had a meeting downtown so I jumped on my scooter.  When I got there, I couldn't find my phone so I assumed I must have left it at home by accident.  When the meeting was finished, about an hour later, I went straight home to find it because I had some calls to make as soon as possible.

It was no where to be found.

After a very thorough search of our entire house, including emailing my husband and a few friends asking them to call me on it, I decided to retrace my steps fearing that it was gone for good.  I got on my scooter and started driving slowly the same route I drove to my meeting... about 10 blocks down the road there it was... in five pieces all over the road on 13th Street in front of the Stinker Station.

I sadly picked up the pieces hoping that I could at least salvage some of the information on the SD card and I took it home.

When I arrived home I decided I needed to see if I could maybe get it to turn on... so I put the pieces together with some handy duct tape and powered it on.

To my utter amazement, it turned on... and with complete functionality.  Could it be?  I tried a call to my mom.  It worked perfectly!  The "slightly" scratched camera even worked!  I couldn't believe it!

And it's been an unbelievable conversation starter... no one can believe it still functions so perfectly.

Thank you to HTC for making such a quality product I can count on.  My renewal date is still a long way off, so until then, I am happy to say, my HTC Incredible works like a charm despite almost complete annihilation.

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