Monday, September 17, 2012

Rosa's Bella Cucina... Rosa and Rico on a Roll

Hey all,

When I lived in Los Angeles, I was lucky enough to be friends with the amazing Rosa Graziano.  We've grown apart over the years of living in very different places, but I still absolutely love that Facebook has allowed us to keep an eye out on what each of us is up to.  And she's always up to something fun.

Not too long ago, Rosa and her brother Rico (whom I've never had the pleasure of meeting) started a gourmet food truck called Rosa's Bella Cucina.  Rosa is an amazing cook, so although I haven't been to LA since she opened the doors, I can only imagine how delectable the food is.

More importantly, Rosa has finally been tapped into for her other, equally amazing talent, her incredible sense of humor and big personality.  Check out the new show: Rosa and Rico... On a Roll on HungryYoutube every Wednesday through mid October.

Here is the first episode which aired on September 12th:

One of my fondest memories of Rosa is from the day I was first diagnosed with Colitis.  I had fainted and was rushed to the hospital by my younger brother Morgan.  He wasn't too excited to be in the hospital so instead, my two closest girlfriends at the time, Rosa and Laura, convinced the ER to let them both into the ER to be with me.  They usually only let one person in at a time, but as you can see from the above, Rosa can be very persuasive.

I was on a Morphine drip due to the pain in my shoulder and gut... which totally sucked.  But, combined with the complete and utter awesomeness of Rosa and Laura feeding off each other to keep the mood light and keep me smiling, I was able to shut out the pain and fear I was struggling to suppress.  Instead of being scared, I was hysterically laughing... to the point where I was laughing so hard it hurt.  Despite that day being one of the scariest of my young life, because of Rosa (and Laura), I was able to get through it, and I actually look back on that day smiling.

I wish her the best success, and I am so excited for her new show... Please be sure to tune in.    

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  1. rosa
    I knew u were a great actress as u always were acting while working with me in Palisades Park NJ and who can forget your appearance in the play Grease

    u da best