Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Hello Everyone!

This evening David and I made it safely home from a wonderful trip to Charlotte, NC to celebrate the Christmas Holiday with the Lopez family.  My in-laws went all out for Christmas, and we really had a great time catching up with everyone.  Plus, my mom was there too, so I had such fun snuggling with my mommy on Christmas.

The only hiccup in the entire trip was the 24 hour stomach bug that the entire family came down with on the last day.  It definitely put a damper on the final day's festivities, but it was a minor flaw in an otherwise wonderful trip.  My two sister-in-laws and I were the only ones not effected by the bug... cross your fingers it stays that way!

When we are with family, David and I both wish there was a way we could move Boise closer to Madison, Boston, DC, St. Louis, Charlotte, Dubuque, etc. so that we could see each other on a more regular basis.  We're lucky to have such a nice group of people to belong to!  But we're torn, because we love everything about our western lifestyle, so we don't want to leave here, but maybe we can somehow convince everyone to move out west?!  Portland could be a good compromise to Charlotte, St. Louis, Boston, and DC, no?!  And Madison and Dubuque could possibly compare to Boise, right?!  I know, I know, I'm just dreaming!

Anyway, as I'm sure you'll all agree that no matter how great any trip you go on is, coming home is always so nice!  Our little Linus Lopez was over the moon to see us walk through the door (even when we made him wear his Christmas antlers!), and everything seemed so calm and steady the minute we set foot on Boise soil.  I love coming home!

Since we've been singing this song from the minute we stepped off the plane in Boise, I thought I would share it will you all.

We hope you all had a lovely Christmas and have a (safe and) Happy New Year!

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