Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mamapalooza 2011

Juli arrived late yesterday evening.  The house was looking really good after Olivia came to help us clean it up (Thank GOD for Olivia!).

Mom is excited to do some gardening and specifically to make her daughter's garden "look respectable."  She is so excited just to dig in the dirt... and I all I can say is, "Have at it!"  While she's here, our goals are:
  • Plant the vegetable garden and all the raised flower beds.  
  • Also plant the flower pots, and fix up the walk ways.  
  • I am also hoping to get her to assist me in re-finishing some furniture in the house and do a little touch up sanding and staining/painting, and possibly, if there is time, work on the rocking horse which we are putting in the upstairs landing. 
I know its ambitious for 3.5 days, but no one finishes projects like these quite like my mom does!  I wish she lived closer so we could work on these things more often.  This morning we spent driving around to all the area nurseries for her to check out the available plants.  She's in heaven!

Francie arrives on Saturday.  Once she gets here we will be in full Idaho exploration mode.  I know we'll take a few short hikes and I think we will take them to the Botanical Gardens and maybe out to Eagle to see the town.  And of course there is the fabulous Mother's Day Celebration we've planned for them.  Plus, maybe a night at the Flicks and dinner at Epi's in Meridian is in order.

Juli leaves on Tuesday morning early.  David, Francie and I will spend the day adventuring some more.  Wednesday will be a mother son day as I have to work.  Francie leaves Thursday morning.

Luckily for us, it doesn't take much to entertain our moms they do just fine on their own!

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